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We welcome you to our website! Our factory produces astrakhan fur coats and jackets, as well as a variety of products from astrakhan broadtail. We will be glad to deal with you and we are confident that our models of products made of astrakhan/Karakul worth your attention and we invite you to cooperate with us!

Eastern hospitality and respect for guests, we transferred them to our clients, acting on the principle of "customer care - is the care of our business."
Buy astrakhan/karakul fur coats from the manufacturer!

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Fur products are very popular. Fur has never gone out fashion and out of time. No woman may be indifferent to the warmth and comfort of fur products. Fur has a mysterious ability to transform any woman into a queen, as if by magic! Mysterious and magical fur adds women elegance, grace, simplicity, and the Cavaliers make them strong, courageous and confident.
It has been so long time that fur that does not go out of fashion for thousands of years. it is considered as one of the most ancient furs known to human kind. This is the astrakhan/karakul. This natural fur is ecologically clean natural product. In addition, it has healing properties. Astrakhan fur has long enjoyed the fame that combines practicality and beauty. Its products are very elegant and at the same time warm and exceptionally durable. One of the benefits to the rest of astrakhan fur is that it can be easly restored, it is well to alteration. About astrakhan/karakul there is a saying that says: a fur "from my grandmother\'s trunk," for his long life - up to 20 seasons! Coats from astrakhan and broadtail fascinate with its originality and elegance. Modern jackets and coats of astrakhan are very light, comfortable, beautiful and practical. Because of the lack of a long straight nap this fur has a great feature - it does not look fat!
If you want to buy modern and high quality products made of  astrakhan or broadtail with different colors and shades, order astrakhan fur of your choice, we suggest you contact the manufacturer directly , which is us!
We are waiting for you our customer, and we are always glad to deal with you!

Factory "Karakul Lider"

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Karakul Leader - holds an international Swiss certificate «SIQS».

"Karakul Leader" - winner of the international Swiss certificate «SIQS».
Our firm "Karakul Leader" has won international Swiss certificate «SIQS», handed to us in the summer of 2012.


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