Astrakhan fur is not only beautiful and stylish, it is much better than any other fur adapted to external climatic influences, to temperature extremes. This fur, unlike the long pile fur, is not afraid of rain or snow. Also it is easy to take care of it; it is easily cleaned and painted. Karakul is renowned for its durability and non-staining.
But it should still follow some recommendations:
• Do not dry fur near the heater, in direct sunlight or a hair dryer;
• Do not stroke the fur lining and iron;
• Do not wash or wet fur;
• Do not keep wet or dirty fur in the bag;
• Do not store your fur in polyethylene bags;
• Do not clean fur at home condition;
• Do not perfume, cologne, toilet water, hair sprays, etc.;
• Do not pin up to a fur coat brooches;
• Do not hang in dyed fur next to unstained fur or a whitewashed wall (whitewash spoils fur);
• Do not leave fur on the very bright light, especially light colors, because under his influence fur takes a yellowish tint;
• It is not necessary to keep fur in the boxes and suitcases - it may  lose its original shape;
It is necessary to:
• keep the coat safe the summer time, cover the products with light dark material or pack them in a special bag to store the coats;
• Case must be sewn from special - a porous material or a natural fabric ;
• in the case, be sure to put  something against moth;
• to keep the fur in an open dark space. Your coat won’t be comfortable in the "crowded" wardrobe. Fur needs air;
•  fur coat needs to be hanged on a hanger in a ventilated area, excluding the direct sunlight;
• when the fur tarnished, has become not smooth and greasy to the touch, coat sagged and lost its attractiveness - it\'s time to take it to dry cleaners.
• To storage fur hats safely it needs to be wrapped in  a paper and put in a box with a tight lid
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Karakul Leader - holds an international Swiss certificate «SIQS».

"Karakul Leader" - winner of the international Swiss certificate «SIQS».
Our firm "Karakul Leader" has won international Swiss certificate «SIQS», handed to us in the summer of 2012.


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